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We have extensive in-house prototyping capabilities in a 3000 sq foot workshop. We can model and test most designs allowing us to provide functioning prototypes and performance and ergonomic test rigs in fabricated metal,
thermo-formed plastics, plastics, timber, textiles and composites.
We have experience of producing proof of principle (POP) rigs allowing life-cycle analysis, environmental testing (extremes of temperature and humidity) environmental and impact testing.

Using in-house subtractive rapid prototyping we can model from 3D CAD data giving highly accurate block modelling, facilitating ergonomic testing of criteria such as comfort, physical properties and ease of use to be carried out.
We can also carry out reverse engineering and virtual prototyping if required.

Our in-house facilities include ;
• 3/4/5 axis CNC milling machines (500*300mm)
• Large bed routing CNC machine (1.6*1.2m)
• CNC plasma sheet metal cutting machine (max20mm)
• 4.5m Barfeed CNC lathe, 2 small CNC lathes & manual lathes
• Sheet metal guillotine, folder, roller and shears
• Printed circuit board production equipment
• Woodworking equipment
• Metalworking cold saws and band saws
• Welding & brazing MIG, TIG, Gas
• Screen printing
• Spray booth
• Forklift & 2TE hoist in main build bay
• 3*4’ Induction hardened measuring and inspection table
• Measuring and testing equipment