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Core PD have designed & built numerous C.N.C. Automated cutting machines for a range of
production & prototyping purposes.

It was proposed to develop and manufacture a compact 4-axis CNC milling machine designed for the needs of the Educational sector and small / medium design businesses. Please see for further information.

Core PD also developed the software that facilitates the CNC process.

Studiomill was designed to be easy to use and take the human error out if the CNC process. This was achieved through the use of a clear material mounting plate and work holding features and bespoke software that is intergrated into the process. The mechanical operation of the machine was optimised using latest engineering tools. Designed for quiet operation, the resonant frequencies of the major assemblies were simulated and optimised to ensure minimum vibration. Designed for strength, the frameworks were analysed using FEA software and optimised for maximum stiffness. Designed for speed the motor power, acceleration curves and lead screw pitch was finely tuned to provide maximum performance.

Studiomill has been designed Studiomill has been designed to meet the needs of the educational market. It fulfils the requirements of BS4163:2007 and is safe, easy to run and maintain.

Date: May 19, 2012