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Finite Element Anaylsis | Computation Fluid Dynamics

Core PD are experienced carrying out FE analysis on a wide range of products from heavy engineering machinery (including offshore and factory automation products) to consumer products and smaller scale complex mechanisms.

Using FE analysis we modelling the stress, strain and deformation of a component or assembly under expected and maximum load conditions where large deflections, stress stiffening and large strains may be experienced. If required we can define load cases.

Through FE analysis we can recommend opportunities to minimise product mass, costs and material use. We can also using fatigue and fracture mechanics to analyse machinery lifecycles.

We are experienced in working to European Harmonized Standards, Det Norske Veritas, Lloyds rules and other relevant standards and can programme custom functions in C++ to define more complex loads and responses in our numerical analysis. Results are presented in a clear and lucid manner in report format with listed stresses and analytical hand checks of numerical analyses. We can recommend optimisations and provide assistance
interpreting a report.
Our expertise will help develop a structure and specify materials and material treatments to ensure product can operate reliably for its expected product lifecycle.